We customize and fine-tune our services to address your requirements since generic services are not suitable for all organizations. We have the expertise to develop, maintain, enhance, re-engineer, test, optimize, customize and manage applications for organizations worldwide. We can help you create simple yet ideal customized solutions or re-engineer and simplify existing systems with most suitable technologies to enable your business to reap the most from your investments.


  • Microsoft

    ASP.Net, C#, .Net Core, WCF, WPF, SharePoint, CSLA.Net, Entity/Identity Framework, MVC/MVVM patters, PowerApps

  • Java

    Java EE, Java SE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JSP & Servlets, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Maven, Ant, Jenkins, Bamboo

  • Frameworks / Tools

    jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, ElectronJS, CSS3, HTML5, BootStrap, NodeJS, ExpressJS, PowerBI, Tableau, Splunk, Apache Spark, Jupyter, neo4j

  • Mobile

    iOS, Android, Swift, HTML5, Xamarin, ReactJS, PhoneGap, Ionic

  • Database

    MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, SQLite

  • Cloud / Serverless

    Amazon Web Service, AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud functions, Salesforce, DevOps


  • Passionate team of business analysts, architects, data scientists, designers, developers, testers, project managers and senior management with rich experience in delivering quality professional services
  • Rich experience and knowledge across multiple business domains enabling superior product engineering
  • Maintaining strict standards of code quality and secure coding with – test driven development, code compliance with code analysis and code coverage tools, stringent code review process by architect/lead/peers and use of secure coding guidelines
  • Primary and secondary account manager with response time of less than 12 hours
  • Process driven project execution by using Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools and culture
  • Experienced in executing projects with different software development/deployment methodologies like Agile-Scrum, CI/CD, Kanban, Spiral, Waterfall, Prototype and custom methodologies based on project needs

About Us

ExtendedITArms specializes in providing a range of professional world-class software services using cutting-edge technologies with rich experience across multiple domains. We differentiate ourselves through providing seamless collaboration and communication to our customers so that we virtually become their extended IT arms. We do this through efficient and enhanced availability, accessibility, priority, responsibility and response time. We thus build long term relationships with customers and partners by nurturing confidence, trust and integrity.


We trust that understanding business processes is the best proven way to serve any organization. The approach of being thoughtful about nitty-gritties of the business throughout the service life-cycle helps our team to stay focused on providing perfectly customized, effective, efficient and yet simple solutions.


ExtendedITArms is a team of professional enthusiasts with extensive experience in the IT services industry and product development. Our technical expertise is business-oriented and market-driven which helps organizations stay competitive in this ever changing technology era. The competence and commitment of the team enables us to offer comprehensive services and solutions that satisfy and delight our customers.